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Sam Relief, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and educational resources to the impoverished children of Cambodia.
In the 1970s, essentially all of the educated population of Cambodia were murdered in the brutal regime of the Khmer Rouge. Cambodia today, despite its rich culture and stunning temples, remains a devastated country, suffering from poverty, lack of education. The best hope for Cambodia lies in improved education.

Currently, Cambodia is the 4th poorest country in the world and 131st out of 177 countries on the Human Development Index, which is based on life expectancy figures, level of education, and standard of living (www.hdr.undp.org). Today, only 30% of children and 22% of girls age 12 – 15 are enrolled in secondary school.

Sam Relief, Inc. continues to grow with support and assistance from friends in the United States .


It has wisely been written,

Give someone a fish – you feed them for one day.

Teach someone how to fish ; and you feed them for a lifetime.”

A Letter from King Sihamoni

I am pleased to share some good news from Cambodia . On February 3,2006 the King Norodom Sihamoni honored me with the title of honor OKNHA. This title is bestowed upon individuals who dedicated themselves to helping the people of Cambodia . Sam Relief,Inc is getting bigger with support and assistance from friends in United States.

Eligibility requirements for title of honor OKNHA state that a contribution of at least $100,000.00 be offered for projects to the public Goods.


Sam Relief, over the last six years has raised and contributed over 500,000.00 dollars toward building schools, digging fresh water wells, and feeding the hungry.

This title will reflect the hard work to support the children of my home land of Cambodia. I have been working to educate and feed the people of Cambodia for nine years and will continue my efforts in the future.

Sam Relief,Inc is getting bigger with support and assistance from friends in United States.

I am thrilled with this honor.

Sambonn Lek, President and Founder
e-mail: leksambonn@gmail.com


Ambassador Joseph Adamo Mussomeli's Speech on August 6th, 2006

Ambassador Joseph Adamo Mussomeli
It is a Pleasure to be here to help inaugurate this new school built by the U.S.-based, non profit organization Sam Relief , Inc.

Of course we would not be holding this celebration without the dedication and hard work of Sam Relief 's founder and president , Mr. Sambonn Lek, and the generosity of Mr. Clifford Laughton, whose financial support made this construction possible. So I would like to begin by congratulating them on their accomplishment and commending them for their efforts.

This school fills a void in an area that lacked enough schools to meet the needs of the local population. It will afford more children access to education, a vital link toward their own future prosperity as well as that of their families. More than 750 students in grades 500 are already enrolled and studying hard.

The ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes said that "The foundation of every state is the education of youth," and this is particularly true of Cambodia 's current situation.

During the Khmer Rouge era, Cambodia 's educational system was destroyed and educated people were targeted for death. But now after years of civil war, peace and stability have returned to this country, allowing Cambodians to rebuild their society. But the country cannot prosper, unless and until there is a good educational foundation.

Education is vital in strengthening Cambodia 's most important resource - its people. Basic education represents the foundation on which all else is built. Without improvements here, it will be difficult to encourage community involvement, promote democracy, improve social indicators and provide the skills that Cambodia needs to compete regionally and within the global economy. As Thomas Jefferson once observed: Educate "the people and tyranny and oppressions will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day ."

To help build this foundation, the U.S. government will spend approximately $15 millions over a five-year period to improve basic education in this country, focusing on curriculum development and teacher training efforts.

But official U.S. government assistance to Cambodia is not enough. It is also thanks to many private American citizens and charitable organizations - such as Sam Relief, Inc. They contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to help build schools in Cambodia - such as the one in front of you - and they provide school children with needed supplies, and they help train teachers. Additionally, many Americans volunteer their time to come to Cambodia to help teach, especially in the field of English education.

The school that you see before you is more than bricks and mortar - it is a testimonial to the commitment of ordinary American citizens to furthering Cambodia 's development.

With Cambodians and Americans working together, we have made tremendous progress, and while there s still more work to be done, this school is but one example of the fruits of our partnership.

Thank you

Abassador Joseph Adamo Mussomeli

Thank you to Mr.Steven Adams and Mr.Geoff Hammond,Civil Affairs Planner US Embassy Phnom Penh,who attended the open ceremony for Larry and Lynda Kull school donated by Mr. Stephen P. Meyer and Jerry Essenmacher , Sam Relief school at Koh Sotin, Kam Pong Cham Province on August 23rd, 2010.


Steven Adams's Speech on August 23rd , 2010
Thank you for the invitation to be here today. It is an honor for me to represent the Embassy and the United States in this ceremony.
I know I speak for the Ambassador when I say that we are deeply impressed with the philanthropy, dedication and spirit of volunteerism that the construction of this school represents. 
Thank to Mr. Stephen P.Meyer who donates a school for 2010.
The Sam Relief organization should be applauded for its devotion to improving educational opportunities for disadvantaged students in Cambodia, and for helping to build a brighter future for the country, a future that will hinge in part on the students here in Kampong Cham and across the country.
The U.S. Embassy in Cambodia is doing its part to help increase the quality and availability of education in provincial areas, and a significant portion of our $72 million dollar assistance budget is devoted to this task. In addition, our civil military teams are busy refurbishing and building schools much like the one that we are opening today in some of the poorest provinces of Cambodia.
We hope that our work, when combined with the generosity of Americans and Cambodians alike that is represented here today, will help increase the ability of young Cambodians to achieve their educational goals.
Congratulations to the Sam Relief organization and to all of you on this great occasion.
Thank you.
Steven Adams
Civil Affairs Planner
US Embassy Cambodia

We  have nothing to say but " THANK TO ALL DONORS"

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A very special “Thank You” to Ketel One for providing 
their unique Complimentary Ice Bar once again this year
as they have in the past for all Sam Relief Gala attendees. 
This ongoing support for the past 8 years at Ritz Carlton
is greatly appreciated by all








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